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Socio-Cultural Impact Strategist [sis/cis]


Kenya affectionately known as “Ken”, is a Detroit native, author, researcher, creative, connector, and the founder of KenShip L3C, a social enterprise focused on community building and the preservation of Black love, Black family and Black wealth. Ken serves as a socio-cultural impact strategist (sis/cis) actively examining and actualizing the Black narrative through education, art, media and community engagement.


She uses her passion for community, youth advocacy and social justice to learn about and cultivate Blackness as an act of love and cultural celebration, to affirm Black folks’ lived experiences, honor them as champions within their communities and heal through generational trauma.


Through her studies in community, human and economic development, sociology, journalism, and Black studies, she explores the dynamics of colonization and structural racism using critical race theory. Kenya utilizes collaboration and human centered design strategies to encourage intergenerational dynamics and cultivate spaces that lead to change

PoliticKen is an audience driven podcast. The host and dialogue extraordinaire, brings together millennials, youth and elders to discuss black life as it relates to Detroit and beyond. PoliticKen hones in on diversity of thought and challenges the "way it is" diving into real dialogue, with real people. Bringing diversity in experiences and ideas, PoliticKen engages in not only identifying  the issues, but solutions and forward thinking as well.  

KENtertainment is where Ken shares her knowledge, truth and experiences in digestible forms of art for every person to engage as the creative, Detroit Redd. Detroit Redd navigates the visionary within KenShip's many endeavors. Detroit Redd, as a name was also inspired by Malcolm Little's nickname, prior to his evolution of Malcolm X. Detroit Redd explores an idea of being self empowered and stimulates a more down to earth version of self. Detroit Redd dives within, using music and art as an avenue to connecting, story-telling and healing. Detroit Redd released her first Visual-EP entitled "Critically ThinKen" in July 2019. Her poem book, Check out new single, entitled gentrifieD. 

Check out more MUSIC by Detroit Redd. 

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